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I feel like I really need to push a lot of art while I actually have free time. I have a few things ready to be made into prints that I’ll put on Etsy, but I don’t know. I have am-I-really-good-enough-to-sell-my-work anxiety. I know I am, but I’ve never really sold anything (or tried to, for that matter) and I know I shouldn’t expect immediate results. The longer something sits around, unsold, the more you worry it’s just not good enough.

Sometimes life really sucks, because no matter the ups or downs, it doesn’t last forever and forever wouldn’t even seen long enough. My best friend’s friend passed away this morning and it’s so sad for so many reasons. He was talented and stubborn and hard to get along with if you didn’t understand him, but he lived a tough life and still had room enough to give to others. He taught my friend a lot about life and I’m really sorry that I never was more gracious. RIP Nino.

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